I picked up the passion for photography through a surfing injury. After receiving a fin-shop to the head which required stitches, I was out of the water for a few weeks, but I was still always around the ocean, so I picked up a camera. This is where the love began and it has never ended. From there, I started shooting my mates and other surfers with an AquaTech underwater housing and from land with a telephoto lens.

Moving forward I began working in the TV industry where I then became a Camera Operator for the TV show Fishing Australia for a few seasons travelling around Australia and overseas,

I am now a husband to my beautiful wife and a father to 4 amazing children. I have since moved out of the TV industry and turned my focus to creating stunning and engaging content for local businesses so they can stand out in a crowded online space.

And being a father of 4, I truly understand how fast our kids grow up, so capturing those fleeting moments is something a have a great passion for and find really rewarding when handing over those memories for my clients.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Marty 🤙🏻

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